The Secret Island

Traveling is the pursuit of beauty, let us begin the journey by being inspired.

Our Vision

Every place has people who love and want to preserve and care for the land in which they live. Our team strives to develop a model which is sustainable and provides our employees and guests with valuable experiences. Our Philosophy is to strive towards the goal of becoming successful B corporation that benefits the environment and everyone we encounter. Our goal is to allow everyone who comes to Penghu see the beauty of the island and be inspired.

Blue Paradise One day tour

In the Southern islands of Penghu, take a yacht to paradise and explore the secrets of Penghu by visiting the Coral Reefs Conservation Area as well as the National Ocean Park (the Uninhabited Island).

Explore the Beauty

Uninhabited Island Camp

Enjoy dinner on the ocean with fish swimming around and the sunset slowly disappearing over the horizon. As night starts, stars begin fill on the sky. With your lover, families or friends, write down wishes on a flying lantern and release it to watch it slowly disappear in the night sky. Wake up in the morning and enjoy the sunrise and watch the seagulls fish.

Camp on the Island

Diving tour/  Underwater Photography

Have you ever dreamed of breathing underwater?
 There is nothing greater than the feeling you get the first time you breathe in underwater!
Get close enough to touch the colorful coral reef and fish while treating yourself to stunning views of the ocean seafloor.

Dive In