Our Team  

Everyone in Coral Reef Travel has their own specialty. A love and passion for travel and for the land is what we all have in common! We have come together to serve you and welcome friends from all over the world! We believe people can easily make friends and build relationships as they are traveling. One essential element that makes travel so interesting is the connection we make with different people. No matter if you like to backpack by yourself or you want to have a local guide help you explore Penghu, meet our team first! We have “tour designers” that are willing to help you design the best tour suited to your needs.

Administration team

Chief Chen
Entrepreneur, founder of Coral Reef Travel, professional tour guide in Penghu, free writer
Hsin Jung
Tour designer, host of B&B
Yu Ling
Tour designer, host of B&B
Donna Tsai
Tour designer, host of B&B
Online marketing, International guests service, HR


Hi, my name is Yoyo, I'm a professional snorkeling instructor. Its my responsibility to lead you to the most beautiful Coral Reef Conservation Area. Do you know there are amazing places in Taiwan that that divers can only dream of? Come! Let me show you ~
I'm Lyan. I come from Taichung City, but I came to Penghu for college a few years ago and fell in love with the place. I decided to stay and explore the islands more; after I graduated and finished my military service. My goal is to spread happiness around to everyone and including you. 
I love water sports! The island is beautiful and has enabled me to grow so much everyday. My hobbies are free diving, scuba diving and sailing. You are welcome to join me!
Instant Noodles
My specialty is talking. I usually get lost on land, but it's totally different when I'm underwater. Come to talk to me when you visit Penghu~
Hi guys, I'm Yao. Don't be scared by the tattoo. When you get to know me, you will know I’m a professional tour guide who loves serving people~~

Hi, I`m Han. I study ocean recreational study at National Penghu University. I`m a certificated for boat pilot, diver, snorkeling instructor, lifeguard, and windsurfer. I love the ocean so much. Come and join me~
Ming Hsuan
I'm a passionate instructor, love swimming in the ocean and seeing the happy faces of our guests. I will do my best to make your trip memorable and enjoyable. 
Wei Chi
Hello everyone, I'm Weichi. I started my "ocean life" since I was little. Want to have some fun in the water and see the most stunning views of coral? Join our tour!
Glassy is not only my nickname but it is also a personal belief of mine. (Ask me in person and I will tell you the story of me becoming  "glassy".) 
Bo Zong
Im Bo Zong. Growing up in Penghu, I love the island and being in the ocean. I'm also good at windsurfing. If you like windsurfing, visit me in Penghu!