Open Water
Certificate Course

About the course:
CMAS Open Water Certification Course
  • Academic presentation: 5 units totally. The full presentation will take two days (about 8 hours, 4 hours/day) to finish.
  • Outdoor training: Overhead Environment (diving pool) & Open Water (shore dive), two days, total of 4 cylinders. Takes approx. 4 hours to complete, depending on the situational needs of students.
  • Open Water (ocean): Total of two cylinders used and takes one day to complete. The first cylinder will be used for the test. The second cylinder will be used for a fun dive to allow you to experience the joy of diving.
    Academic Presentation: Total of 8 hours.
    Underwater Training: Total of 8 hours.
The price for the course:NT$17,000
(all fees are included-the full course, certification and lodging. )